Masonry Restoration in Kingston

MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. specializes in the art of masonry restoration offering a range of certified masonry services that include carefully administered chemical cleaning, certified stone repair and brick and mortar repair provided by our licensed and insured professional masons. Whether rebuilding the terra cotta facade of a historical structure in Kingston, or carrying out the skillful removal of stains and pollutants on the brick granite and stone masonry of modern commercial buildings, our qualified masonry restoration contractors are equipped with the knowledge and tools that not only enhance a building’s appearance, but reinforce and preserve its structural integrity.

Restoration of Historical Buildings

MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. craftsmen provide accurate evaluations of historical buildings in Kingston and offer practical solutions to masonry deterioration that inevitably occurs over time. We restore buildings and monuments to their original architectural magnificence with a range of proven and time tested techniques that take into account each masonry component and environmental factor. Examining the practices used by the skilled masons of the past and incorporating this extensive knowledge with modern masonry restoration techniques allows our experts to accurately evaluate and create a rebuilding plan for each element of a commercial building from the restoration of cracked foundations, to skilled brick chimney repair.

Our Masonry Restoration Process

More than just a brick repair contractor, MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. begins the repair process with professional masonry cleaning that includes protective treatments for weakened or decayed stone and brick. Our masonry restoration experts carefully strip down layers of accumulated dirt and grime and apply stone strengthening formulas that repel water yet still allow masonry to release vapour and moisture without altering the exterior stone finish. All masonry cleaning products we use on Kingston buildings are obtained from responsible distributors and rigorously tested prior to use.

Sourcing Out Masonry Damage

Masonry deterioration is due to a number of causes that include normal wear and tear, a consistent exposure to environmental contaminants, errors in the original design and construction and/or repair and maintenance neglect over an extended period. As a full service mason restoration company, MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. craftsmen provide a range of proven techniques that include:

Masonry Repointing – For the repair of deteriorated mortar joints.

Mechanical Stitching – To reinforce and stabilize large cracks set deeply into stone masonry.

Masonry Patching – To incorporate cement material to repair small areas of decayed masonry.

Dutchman Repair – To replace missing parts of chipped or broken stones.

Stone Replacement – Used when patching is insufficient for stone that is severely damaged and broken.

Water Repellent Coatings – Coatings that permit masonry to “breathe’ by allowing water vapor to escape through porous stone yet prevents water infiltration.

Knowledge and Expertise

Each area of brick and stone decay is carefully identified to locate the exact source of the damage. Our team of experienced masonry workers is fully trained to operate and handle specialized equipment and tools that include low pressure spray-on applicators and handheld brushes and rollers specific to commercial brick and stone masonry reconstruction. Restoring a commercial building in Kingston involves creating carefully customized plans for delicate areas that ensure precise and flawless results.

For a complete assessment of the masonry on any commercial building in Kingston, contact MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. for a free estimate today.