Driveway Repair in Kingston

Nothing lasts forever.  Take a look at your driveway for proof of that.  Even surfaces made with the strongest materials like asphalt and concrete are vulnerable. But there is good news. Both of these pavement types take well to repairs and can return to their original condition when left to the professionals.

Driveway repairs truly need a skilled hand, an array of materials, machinery, and expertise.  When a proper, thorough, timely job is done, driveway repairs breathe new life into your pavement. 

For exactly this type of expert craftsmanship, call MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. now at (613) 929-1529.  We are the area’s experts for both asphalt repair and concrete driveway repair.


MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc.’s Expert Concrete Driveway Repair

Damaged concrete? Have no fear, we are here to help. Whether it’s cracked, discolored, scaling, or spalling (chunks breaking off), there is a concrete solution that we have mastered. 

We’ll assess the roots of the problems and correct them. Sometimes the original installation is faulty, other times, the weather has had its way with it.  We will take the time to diagnose your driveway to make certain you don’t have to deal with the same concrete repairs a second time. Get in touch with us today for a concrete driveway assessment and consultation.

Superior Driveway Repair

Top-of-the-Line Materials and Equipment

We have everything needed to bring asphalt and concrete back to the durable, long-lasting material they’re intended to be. We’ll target the problems and make them disappear. We offer several driveway repair options such as: 

Resurfacing and Overlay

Deep cracks and large breaks can disappear with our resurfacing and overlay services.


Our slabjacking will raise sunken portions of concrete by strengthening the base below it.  

Etching and Staining

Our etching or staining services are excellent for minor surface problems.

Big or small, our paving contractors can handle it all. Call (613) 929-1529 today.

Professional Asphalt Driveway Repair

Asphalt can become vulnerable over time and exposure to weight, sun, air, water, and cold—all pretty inevitable with any driveway. Cracks will show up, small at first then grow rapidly.  Dings will also develop into holes fast than you’d expect. Our skill set also includes driveway patch and crack filling techniques that will stop potholes and cracks in their tracks.

Seamless Driveway Repairs

Filling in small cracks and potholes may sound like a simple hour’s work, but don’t be fooled—asphalt repair is labor-intensive! Our team compacts the patches and fillers with industry grade materials and machinery, so they are flush with your old surface.

Our work is seamless. Our professional repairs are less detectable, more reliable, and last longer.  With MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. on the job, your driveway will be good as new for the long haul.

Contact the Best Driveway Repair Services in Kingston

Take the guesswork out of your driveway repair and let our specialists do the heavy lifting.  Our no-obligation consultations are the first step, and the full assessment will pinpoint the issues that got your driveway to its breaking point.  Put your trust in the experts for your driveway repair. Trust MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc..

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