Residential Snow Removal in Gananoque

Hire MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. this winter for reliable and affordable residential snow removal services. With a huge fleet of vehicles and a team of experienced drivers, we guarantee the prompt and efficient removal of snow and ice from your property. We’ll keep your driveway, stairs, laneway, and paths clear the whole winter long.

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Affordable Rates on Residential Snow Removal

Why waste your time and put yourself at risk shoveling your driveway, when an affordable service is only a phone call away. Many people mistakenly believe that snow removal is expensive—but not with MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc.. We keep our prices low to ensure that, year after year, homeowners turn to us to have their driveways and sidewalks plowed.

Our prices are not just below average; they consistently undercut the competition. What’s our trick? Improving efficiency across the board with modern vehicles, reliable technicians, and software-driven scheduling systems. We offer a better service at a lower price.

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Reliable Snow Removal: We’ll Be There When it Snows

Throughout the season, we’re constantly monitoring the weather. At the first sign of snowfall, we’re ready to act. Our clients rely on us to have their driveways cleared first thing the morning before work—and we’re committed to making that happen. Not just in the morning, either. When it snows, we’ll be there to ensure that your property is safe and accessible for you and your loved ones.

Reliable, efficient, and affordable—that’s the MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. difference. Call now!

Scheduled Snow Removal Services

We offer dependable scheduled service throughout the winter. We will work with you to determine a time of day that works best for you. Morning, midday, evening, or night, it’s up to you. Our services are flexible and can be arranged to meet the requirements of your busy schedule.

Our coverage packages include the following:

  • Snowfall trigger
  • Morning time guarantee
  • Daytime response guarantee
  • Freezing event guarantee
  • Deicing services
  • Multiple visits per weather event
  • Flat rate for seasonal pricing
  • Peace of mind

Modern Fleet of Snowplows and Snowblowers

We continuously maintain a large fleet of vehicles and tools to ensure that your property is clear when you need it to be. We utilize a combination of the following:

  • Snowplows
  • Snowblowers
  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Deicing technology
  • Hauling vehicles

By keeping our fleet prepped and ready for action, we are prepared for anything. No delays. No waiting around. Just reliable and responsive snow and ice removal services for homeowners throughout the region.

The Best Residential Snow Removal Company

There’s a good reason that our clients contract with us year after year. We offer prompt, responsive, reliable, and affordable residential snow plow services. When it snows, our clients don’t worry about how they’ll get to work. They don’t worry about getting home from grocery shopping. They have the peace of mind that comes with having MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. do the heavy lifting.

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