Driveway Maintenance in Gananoque

Your driveway’s life begins the day it is installed. It’s then up to you to ensure proper driveway maintenance for it to last the promised 20 to 30 years.  Asphalt and concrete driveways both need TLC and attention from day one.

To protect your investment, you need a driveway contractor you can trust with your driveway maintenance.  Luckily, our clients have trusted MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. for years.  Now you can too. Contact us now at (613) 929-1529 to get started.


No-Obligation Driveway Maintenance Consultation

When you contact our team, we’ll send over one of our knowledgeable paving contractors to assess your driveway. There, we’ll look over every inch to ensure that we take into account every crack, pothole, and uneven surface. Once we are sure that we have made note of every blemish, we report back to you with a full assessment.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the state of your driveway and lay out the maintenance options recommended for your driveway’s needs and your budget. You’ll be surprised at how accessible our services are.

MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc. is the Driveway Company You Can Trust

We are reliable, punctual, tidy, and respectful—you’ll see that the moment you call our team for the job. We communicate openly with our clients throughout every step of the job. We’ll create a custom action plan to rid your driveways of any imperfections and apply sealants to ensure maximum protection. You’ll be able to see our progress the moment we step foot on your pavement.

We are knowledgeable and informed about all driveway maintenance advancements and techniques.  Our list of services is ever-growing, to find out more about our services, call (613) 929-1529.

Excellence in Customer Service and Driveway Maintenance

It’s our pride and pleasure to keep driveways in great condition, season after season, year after year. Oil, grease, and gas spills will ruin the driveway’s look and functionality. Both concrete and asphalt are no match for those chemicals. We use the best cleaning products available in the industry that are tough on oil, grease, and gas. 

We repair cracks when they start in their most minor state.  Even the tiniest crack should be assessed and repaired.  This is how you minimize the need for major, expensive repairs down the road.  A little fix here, a little fix there, and 25 years from now, you can look out at your still smooth, sealed original driveway. To ensure that you have the best protection for your driveway, enlist the maintenance services of MJ's Concrete And Restoration Inc..

Blacktop Driveway Maintenance

Sealcoating your asphalt and concrete driveway is a must.  We have the best quality sealants and incomparable skill for this job. Our driveway company will make sure your grass, trees, and plants steer clear of the pavement’s edges. 

Contact the Best Driveway Maintenance in Gananoque

Get the most out of your driveway and trust it to our professional team of paving contractors.  We also do work on pathways, curbs, pool areas, and more. That new driveway is just the beginning!

Call us now, and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information on our services or offer you a free estimate. We’re waiting to hear from you!